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Find out more about our work in Turkey


Human Appeal’s work in Turkey includes supporting those affected by disasters such as earthquakes, helping young people access education and providing emergency aid and critical services to Syrian refugees. We are also helping Turkey’s health workers in their fight against COVID-19.

We are providing powerbanks to Turkish contact tracing teams dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic so that they can use their mobile phones to full efficiency.

We are supporting the visually impaired in Turkey – Syrian refugees included – by providing a tailored educational course with braille and specialist equipment.

In order to reduce the risk facing the Syrian people, we are providing essential medicines to the Al Iman hospital in the Harim district, on the border of Turkey. We are providing further medical support in the form of immunisation programmes and mobile clinics.

Our work in Turkey includes:

COVID support We provided materials to help Turkish health workers better combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical aid In order to improve the health of those residing on the Turkish border with Syria, we strengthened the medical infrastructure in the Harim district.

Education support To support young people, including refugees, we delivered educational programmes.

Earthquake relief Human Appeal undertook earthquake relief efforts in Turkey throughout the last year, in response to the disasters in Izmir in November and in Elzaig at the start of the year.