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Find out more about our work in Syria


Human Appeal has been working in Syria for 10 years, since the very start of the conflict. Our work has focused on helping families to survive extreme violence with emergency support – such as food, water, and shelter – and to assist them in recovering once they find safety – through healthcare and clean water projects.

Our projects in Syria are centred in Idlib, where conflict in 2019 led around 1 million people to flee their homes in a matter of weeks. Around 4 million people now living in an overcrowded area of northwest Syria, most need humanitarian help just to meet their basic needs.

Our key specialty in Idlib is healthcare. Al Imaan Hospital specialises in maternal and paediatric health, while our three primary healthcare centres (PHC) provide people living further afield with access to essential medical care in their local communities. Our mobile clinic and ambulances provide isolated people with access to healthcare.

In Mashhad Ruhin settlement for displaced people, we’re installing a well, borehole and pump to deliver sustainable clean water to over 1,000 homes, as well as to schools, mosques, and one of our PHCs.

We’re working to support people in Syria, through the following projects:

Al Imaan Hospital Though Al Imaan Hospital, and its associated PHC and mobile clinic, we’re treating 15,000 people every month.

PHCs in Kefer Lusin and Mashhad Ruhin These two primary healthcare centres provide essential care to two displacement camps. In all 75,672 people will have access to these centres, which will treat around 5,000 people per month.

Clean water in Mashhad Ruhin A borehole, well, and pump will provide a sustainable source of clean water to 1,228 homes in Mashhad Ruhin settlement for displaced people.