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Find out more about our work in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem


Human Appeal has been working in Palestine for 29 years, fighting the root causes of vulnerability, and helping Palestinian families to withstand and recover from emergencies.

In the West Bank and Jerusalem, we’re supporting a girl’s school, planting olive trees, and implementing a reading programme at Al Aqsa library.

In Gaza, Human Appeal is currently running projects that focus on providing long-term solutions to the water and health crises. We’re planting olive trees, and we’re also helping to support the most vulnerable to be resilient to COVID-19 by disinfecting the water network, installing clean water points, and delivering medical alcohol and gowns to hospitals.

We support families in their most fragile moments – sponsoring orphaned children, and providing the most at-risk families with specialised projects that meet their needs – such as providing a wheelchair to Abdul who could no longer walk due to kidney damage.

In this agricultural country, we also focus on helping farmers to recover their livelihoods, learn new skills, and develop innovative techniques, such as aquaponic farming.

We're working to support people in Palestine, through the following projects:

Aquaponics Teaching farmers and agronomy students in Gaza to implement an innovative farming technique that reduces water consumption and the need for pesticides.

Al Aqsa children’s library Providing children with books, a reading programme, educational support, and arts and crafts at Masjid Al-Aqsa children’s library.

Desalination plant Installing a desalination plant in Rafah, Gaza, to provide 60,000 people with clean water for years to come.

Medical alcohol for hospitals in Gaza Providing over 6,000 litres of medical alcohol to hospitals across Gaza, to help 50,000 people.

Olive trees in Palestine Planting fruit-bearing olive trees on farmland in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.

Improving school hygiene Renovating hygiene facilities at one school, providing 700 students with access to clean, accessible facilities. Learn more about this project.