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Find out more about our work in Somalia


Human Appeal has been working in Somalia since 2016. Our work has focused on supporting people with food parcels and medical aid, as well as promoting sustainable livelihoods for farmers.

Conflict, poor access to food and climatic shocks have impacted the lives of large parts of the population. Since 2011 there have been three major droughts, which led to hunger and malnutrition.

This situation is exacerbated by forced displacement and gender-based violence which puts many in a vulnerable position.

We have helped by providing emergency relief that includes distributing essential food and medicines. Given the challenges of the climate, we have also invested in long-term sustainability projects which equip farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to produce crops more efficiently.

We’re working to support people in Somalia, through the following projects:

Fighting hunger in Mogadishu Human Appeal sent nutritious food parcels to 5,160 people in displacement camps in Mogadishu. Each family received over 70 kilograms of essential foods.

Sustainable Farming in Gedo We have trained 2,500 small-scale farmers in using more efficient farming tools and adopting modern drought-resistant farming techniques to improve their resilience to climate shocks.