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Human Appeal UK in partnership with Globus Relief USA

Human Appeal, one of the UK’s fastest growing NGO’s, is teaming up with US based medical resource humanitarian organisation, Globus Relief, to distribute healthcare essentials within northwest Syria and Iraq. Together, the two projects will distribute around $2.5 million in medical supplies and instruments to at least 24 health facilities in the two regions, including primary and secondary health care hospitals as well as dental and eye care clinics. These two projects will contribute to Human Appeal’s commitment in strengthening health systems and are expected to enhance access to health services for at least 115,500 people.

The medical supply and distribution will be undertaken in close collaboration with health clusters, the WHO and local authorities, and shipments are already underway to the regions in question.

The latest agreements mark a continuation of Human Appeal’s collaboration with Globus Relief, which began in 2021 with the successful distribution of medical supplies to Dar Al-Shifa hospital in Tripoli. This project has benefited at 15,000 people through enhanced quality access to health services in the hospital.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the mission of Globus Relief is to improve the delivery of healthcare worldwide by gathering, processing and distributing surplus medical and health supplies to charities at home and abroad.

Dr. Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO of Human Appeal, comments, “Globus Relief is a leader in the field of medical supplies, making it an ideal partner for us when it comes to getting vital healthcare supplies and equipment to crisis regions around the world. The Covid-19 situation in Syria in particular is worsening by the day, and with their support we can swiftly provide greatly needed medical supplies and assistance to an area already in urgent need of assistance to limit the spread of the virus, particularly in winter.”

Shaimaa AlWassiti, Globus Relief’s President, adds, “A new chapter in Globus Relief’s global partnerships has begun with our collaboration with Human Appeal. There are few organisations with the local knowledge and presence as Human Appeal has in these regions, and now in the midst of winter, it is imperative the medical supplies reach the vulnerable.”

Human Appeal has significant experience in delivering similar health service projects across the globe. In Syria, the NGO is currently running six healthcare facilities, providing secondary and primary care services, including Al-Iman hospital, currently supported by UN COHA.

“Human Appeal’s first ever collaboration with Globus Relief occurred in 2021, where we successfully distributed medical supplies to Dar Al-Shifa hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon. This benefited 15,000 people though enhancing access to much needed quality medical supplies via the hospital. This specific intervention coincided with the anniversary of the devastating Beirut blast that occurred earlier in 2020,” said Raya Homsi, Head of Institutional Funding at Human Appeal.

This partnership will allow Human Appeal greater scope to accelerate its healthcare projects in Syria, which is currently experiencing increased pressure on healthcare infrastructure due to a rise in Covid-19 cases.

Throughout 2020, and ever since the first recorded case of Covid-19 inside Syria, Human Appeal has mobilised to support efforts to control the virus. It has delivered essential family hygiene packs directly to communities with the most vulnerable internally displaced persons across Idlib, containing PPE and sanitation items to improve safe hygiene practices such as handwashing soap, household cleaning materials and detergent.

In partnership with UN OCHA, WHO and Qatar Charity, Human Appeal has also set up three community-based isolation centres in Idlib and Aleppo to improve access to Covid-19 isolation and supportive therapy services, assisting 1,099 people. Recently, it has also supplied facilities with oxygen generators to ensure sustainable support of Covid-19 patients. Human Appeal is also operating four Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) in Idlib, serving 50 camps, 6 days of the week.

To support Human Appeal’s efforts, learn more about its projects throughout the globe, please go to www.humanappeal.org.uk


Shaimaa AlWassiti, Globus Relief's President and Raya Homsi, Human Appeal's Head of Institutional Funding.

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