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You spread warmth last winter

Every winter, families who thought they had already witnessed the worst hardship imaginable have to contend with the threat of winter.

They face snowstorms, extreme flooding, biting winds, and sub-zero temperatures, often while enduring hunger and oppression. This year, they had the added hardship of COVID-19, which hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

But last winter, you helped us to ease this hardship, helping 70,031 people across 10 countries to stay warm by providing warm clothing, shelter, mattresses, and blankets.

Here’s how you transformed lives:

  • In Bangladesh, you helped 3,000 people with food, PPE, and winter clothing for children.
  • In Gaza, you provided 640 families with over 5,000 items of warm winter clothes.
  • In Iraq, you kept 1,970 Iraqi and Syrian refugees warm with clothing, warm blankets, mattresses, heaters, waterproof sheeting, and soap.
  • In Lebanon, we helped a total of 11,919 people, including Syrian refugees, providing heating oil, blankets, warm clothing, as well as month-long food parcels.
  • In Pakistan, we supported 567 families, providing warm clothes to a total of 1,213 children and 529 women.
  • In Somalia, you provided 600 displaced families with two mosquito nets, two sleeping mats, and two blankets, helping a total of 3,600 people.
  • In Sudan, children in 342 families – including 50 orphans – received a blanket and a jacket or jumper, as well as 10 bars of soap.
  • In Syria, 12,588 were supported with fuel, winter clothing, blankets, sleeping mats, rugs, soap, and waterproof sheeting to reinforce their shelters.
  • In Yemen, you provided 414 families with 4 thermal blankets and 4 mattresses, as well as a winter outfit for every family member.
  • In the UK, you provided warm winter coats to 29,033 people.

Thank you

Last winter came with unprecedented levels of hardship, but it also brought out an unprecedented selflessness and compassion in you, our supporters.

We couldn’t have spread warmth last winter without you. Thank you for entrusting your charity to us, and allowing us to support the most vulnerable families in this most fragile of winters.

Young Pakistani boy holding his winter kit

Leave no one behind this winter.

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