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Qurbani 2020 Feedback

How you helped this Qurbani

· 401,006 people received fresh mutton, veal, or beef

· 70,636 families supported

· 16.12 kgs per Qurbani on average

· 4.12 kg of meat per family on average

Your Qurbani donations helped over 400,000

Thank you for entrusting your Qurbani to Human Appeal.

In this most fragile and uncertain time, your Qurbani donations have never been more impactful. During Eid al-Adha, you provided 401,006 people with fresh, nutritious meat, helping them to eat well and stay nourished.

 When you donated your Qurbani through Human Appeal, you provided an average of 16.2 kilograms of fresh nutritious meat to the most vulnerable families. In all, 70,636 families received an average of 4.17 kilograms each across 9 territories.

Experience and quality

Human Appeal has 29 years’ experience delivering Qurbani. Our local staff work with community farmers to source, check, and screen healthy animals, making sure that every animal has been cared for in accordance with Islamic principles. This year, our distribution staff observed local guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the most vulnerable people.

During our distributions, we adapted to the needs in each country. In Yemen, where 2 million children are at risk of starvation, we distributed 6 kilograms to each family, helping them to recover and eat well during Dhul Hijjah.

In Gaza, where refrigeration is difficult due to power cuts and inaccessibility, we distributed 2 kilograms per family, helping to support as many people as possible, without the risk of the meat going bad because of power cuts. 

Qurbani in each country

In Syria, where food prices have doubled, and over 6.5 million people are struggling to feed themselves, you provided over 17,000 people with fresh nutritious meat.

In Somalia, that is still recovering from last year’s drought and food shortages, you helped us to provide over 41,000 people with fresh meat, which we delivered to displaced families living in camps in Mogadishu.

In Yemen, where almost half of all children are malnourished, you provided 77,350 people with beef or mutton.

In Bangladesh, where a third of people don’t have enough to eat, you provided 6,000 people with fresh Qurbani meat.

In Myanmar, you provided fresh beef to 11,988 Rohingya refugees facing marginalisation and persecution.

In Pakistan, where a quarter of the whole population struggle to fill their basic needs, you delivered fresh beef to 28,828 people. In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, you provided nutritious meat to 11,798 people.

In India, where 50 million people live in extreme poverty, you provided 174,400 people with nutritious beef.

In Gaza, where families are besieged, and struggle to access meat, you provided 23,574 people with fresh meat.

Fighting hunger in the long and short term: 

Today, one in nine people do not have enough food to eat, and a staggering 21% of all children – that’s 144 million people under the age of 5 – are so chronically malnourished that they are stunted.

But, together, we’re working to fight hunger, through our long-term food security projects that support livelihoods, and through urgently-needed food aid which help the most vulnerable to eat well in their most fragile times.

Human Appeal has been performing Qurbani for 29 years. In that time, we’ve streamlined our process, installed vigorous testing and screening, and have hired the most experienced and caring staff.

We’re honoured that you entrusted your blessed Qurbani donations to Human Appeal.

May Allah reward your generosity, and help us to support more vulnerable people next Eid al-Adha.

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