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Newly appointed CEO brings field offices together to set new direction for Human Appeal

Human Appeal’s new CEO, Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, brought together all of Human Appeal’s decision-makers in Turkey, Istanbul from 21st - 23rd June in order to review the teams’ programmes and operational plans. Each team discussed how they could make their work more impactful and overcome any specific issues they were facing.

Seven Country Directors, two Trustees, European partner offices and selected key personnel from Human Appeal’s Headquarters in Cheadle were all in attendance. Presentations were given to ensure strategic alignment across the organisation.

Dr Ashmawey said “I have great optimism for what Human Appeal can achieve. We are planning to turn the charity into a more streamlined organisation with clear processes and continuous growth.

“The discussions and decisions made in this conference will help our future strategy development. We laid down the foundations to ensure all departments within the organisation are working in sync for greater impact.”

Political, economic and social challenges were also discussed in great depth for each individual country of work and how these challenges have affected Human Appeal’s work. Each country office learned how contemporaries have responded to particular challenges in order to share lessons and increase effectiveness across the organisation.

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