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Human Appeal Strongly Condemns Second Aleppo Hospital Attack

Human Appeal Strongly Condemns Second Aleppo Hospital Attack

Manchester humanitarian charity, Human Appeal, has condemned yesterday’s attack on a women’s and children’s hospital in Aleppo. The hospital, which is funded by Human Appeal donors, was hit by multiple airstrikes and had to be evacuated.

Convalescing civilians, including babies and small children, were subjected to this horror throughout the early hours. Some patients and staff suffered shrapnel wounds. The airstrikes come only two months after ground and air strikes in June and have caused severe damage to the hospital, ambulances and staff vehicles. The destruction of generators resulted in a power cut, preventing the functioning of vital medical equipment. Six pits, located just three metres away, indicate systematic targeting of the building.

Since 2011, there have been 492 attacks on Syria’s healthcare facilities. Due to huge waves of Syrians fleeing violence in south Idleb, Human Appeal recruited specialist staff, including a doctor, a dentist and a midwife, and helped patients to reach the facility safely. Staff continued to work despite the risks. During the past eight months alone, 115,389 Syrians were treated at the hospital. 1,752 babies were delivered. Consultations were carried out for 9,876 children under five. There were 2,344 women and children admitted. 15 health care workers were trained. 9,988 children under five were immunised, while life-saving preventative nutrition services were provided to 21,419 children.

Dr Ashmawey, Human Appeal’s CEO, said:

“The attack on Al-Imaan hospital is against the UN charter on human rights. Human Appeal strongly condemn this act and we urge the UN to ensure they apply pressure to all parties involved in Syria to stop aggression against civilians.

We will ensure we are back up and running within two weeks. Our utmost duty is to protect the lives of the innocent and vulnerable and we will do everything within our means to accomplish this.”

Human Appeal will provide ongoing updates on this situation. For more information visit humanappeal.org.uk

Human Appeal’s CEO, Dr Ashmawey, and local medical workers in Syria are available for interview. Contact Charlotte Morris on 07967818064

Aleppo’s Al-Imaan hospital facts

  • The hospital specialises in paediatrics and obstetrics
  • Based in Aleppo/Big Orm
  • It has a total of 29 beds for patients
  • Total staff is 115
  • $75,000 USD monthly cost
  • Human Appeal has been supporting Al-Imaan hospital since 2015


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