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600,000 Children Could Die This Year As Hunger Is Used As A Weapon Of War

Today, Save The Children released a report saying that hunger is on the rise in the world's most brutal war zones. 2 in 3 infants with life threatening malnutrition are set to go untreated this year, there is an alarming shortfall in funding for conflict zones and a spike in obstructions on organisations being able to deliver humanitarian aid could kill 600,000 children by the end of 2018.

Save the Children's report supports what Human Appeal stated in their report earlier this year, detailing how hunger is being used as a weapon of war in the Syrian and Yemen conflicts.

In the report, we detail how military actors purposely starve a population to achieve military results and how they stop organisations, like Human Appeal, delivering vital food aid to desperate people.

In the report, we call for aid to be depoliticised and point out how, despite it being an international crime, that there has never been a single referral - let alone a prosecution or conviction - to the International Criminal Court. This must change if military actors are to stop thinking that they can use hunger on civilians with impunity.

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