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Ramadan 2018: Your generosity in action

Ramadan 2018: Your generosity in action 

We are now approaching the end of Ramadan, and what a truly fruitful Ramadan it has been.

The Prophet (saw) said “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked the people."

And how blessed are we to be able to thank you for the support you’ve given to millions of vulnerable people around the world. Just how a trickle from a stream is pushed to form an ocean, your donations have become something vast and life-changing.

From all of us at Human Appeal, we would like to whole-heartedly say thank you for giving us your support and kind donations. Thank you for believing in the vulnerable people around the world.

Here are just some of the ways in which your donations have helped to transform lives so far this Ramadan:

- In Gaza, you provided 1,220 families with nutritious, wholesome iftar meals through our Feed the Fasting Programme.

- In Mogadishu, you allowed us to distribute nourishing Ramadan food parcels to 300 Somalian families so that they could reap the benefits of this blessed month.

- With your support, our partner, United Muslim Relief provided food voucher assistance to 3,089 families in Gaza, which also benefit countless local business owners and farmers

- In Garissa county, also with the support of our local partners United Muslim Relief, you helped us to distribute food packs to 2,660 Kenyans, including 80 orphans.

- You helped us examine the eyes of 3,200 children in Gaza and gave hundreds of these vulnerable children the gift of sight.

- In Lahore, you helped us provide a hot iftar meal to 2,500 hungry people, allowing them to truly benefit from this holy month.   

- In Kashmir and Punjab, you helped us distribute food packs to a further 4,395 people, as well as provide training in livestock management, sewing and honey bee farming, as part of our sustainable livelihoods projects.

- You enabled us to provide important health services and child protection sessions to 2,456 orphans across Pakistan, and saved countless more lives through the donation of a crucial Complete Blood Picture (CP machine to a Kashmir hospital).

- You helped us distribute Ramadan food parcels to 1,000 refugees in Eastern Sudan, as part of our Feed the Fasting Programme. Each parcel ensured that a hungry family had eaten for a whole month.

- As part of our Ramadan 2018 Hot Meals project, you helped us distribute nutritious meals in Somalia, feeding 278 vulnerable and displaced households, affected by floods in Kahda and Daynile district, Mogadishu, every day for 10 days.

These successes are a testament not only exhibiting your love and support, but proving that your donations can go a long way.

What a beautiful task Allah (swt) bestowed upon us. We were all chosen to carry out work for Him, this is a big blessing, not a burden. As well as transforming other peoples’ lives, know that your life will be transformed for the better too with Allah’s permission.

One thing we must all know is that the first who benefit from the acts of charity are the benefactors themselves, by seeing changes in themselves and their manners, by finding peace, or by watching a smile form on another person.

An act of Charity is like perfume - it benefits the user, the seller and the buyer. [Dr.A’id al Qarni]

However, the end of Ramadan does not mean the end of your good deeds or blessings. Nor does the end of Ramadan mean the end of hardship, brutality, poverty, famine and daily struggles for our vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world. Allah (swt) does not put blessings to an end, rather he increases through opportunities and us being able to continue to help vulnerable people is a chance to increase our good deeds.

You’ve proven to us that the power of unity can be life-changing and in unity lies strength and commitment. Just how we united throughout Ramadan reaching lofty totals to benefit thousands, we need to keep this spirit alive and consistent.

The Prophet (saw) said “the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.”

Therefore, do not see the end of Ramadan as an end to your duty or opportunities. Rather, review this month as an example of your potential, as now, a new door opens for you to continue your kind habit of supporting the less fortunate.

We have a huge range of projects and appeals covering food, water, education, livelihoods and much more. Please continue to support us, your donations have been a blessing, and we have faith that these blessings can magnify further.

Continue to save lives today.

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