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The Syrian boy with no shoes

Little Amaar is only 3 years old. He lives in the overcrowded Mafraq camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan. He has outgrown his shoes and his family can’t afford to buy new ones. Amar is forced to walk barefoot over the wet, muddy ground. It’s freezing cold beneath his tiny feet.

Imagine walking around all winter with no shoes or socks on your feet. Think about how your toes would ache with cold and pain. Imagine going home to a dilapidated shelter where you sleep on a thin mattress that’s often soaked in rainwater and snow because the ceiling leaks. There’s no wood or fuel for the heater, so it’s impossible to get properly warm or dry.

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Amaar was born into a world of violence

Amaar was born during the devastating conflict that continues to tear Syria apart. He has never known what peace or security feels like. His entire life has been blighted by violence and instability. He’s part of a generation of children who has always been affected by conflict and denied the nourishing food, safe home and educational opportunities that every child should receive.

In the winter, conditions are unbearable for this innocent little boy living in absolute poverty. He’s constantly cold and hungry and his little feet are blue and frozen. He wants to play and run around like any other 3-year-old child, but it’s so painful to do so with no shoes on.

Your donations have brought a smile to little Amaar’s face

Human Appeal decided to give something small to Amaar that would nevertheless make a big difference to him! With your help, we delivered brand new fitting shoes to Amaar, and every other orphan child in the refugee camp.

Today, little Amaar runs around, plays and enjoys kicking around a football! His smile is priceless. Thanks to your donations, Amaar got a small part of his childhood back. This is just one of the many ways we use your donations to make the lives of Syrian refugees just a little brighter.

The current situation in Syria

Nearly 8 years on from the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the situation for displaced and refugee families remains dire. 5.5 million people have been forced to flee the country because of continuous air strikes. They are living as refugees in neighboring nations, often in squalid conditions. Local laws mean that they are unable to work or support their families.

Another 6.1 million people are displaced within Syria. Their homes have been destroyed by bombs and they shelter in makeshift camps or the shells of abandoned buildings. In the winter months, life becomes a waking nightmare for the people of Syria, whether internally displaced or living as refugees. Hundreds of thousands of families have nothing but a thin nylon tent or a shack made of tarpaulin and corrugated iron to protect them from the elements. They are forced to burn any scraps of rubbish they can find for fuel, even plastic bags. Parents are unable to afford both food and heating fuel so they have to make the desperate choice between feeding their children or keeping them warm.

When it’s bitterly cold, children, the elderly and the disabled are most at risk of developing colds and flu. These illnesses can easily turn into pneumonia, which can be deadly for those in a weakened or malnourished state. Desperate parents can’t afford basic medicines when their children fall ill and for little ones like Amaar, the winter can be a killer.

Children like Amaar still need your help

Your donations make a huge difference. It's not just about providing vital aid; together we deliver hope. Amaar is one of many children struggling this winter. We still need to reach thousands more.

Just £165 will give a family with small children like Amaar the food, clothing, blankets and heating fuel they need to stay warm and fed in the bitter cold. £250 will provide a vulnerable family with shelter so they can stay safe from the driving rain, snow and sub-zero winter temperatures. For £65, you can provide a family of four with enough nutritious food to keep them well-fed for a whole month.

You can stop winter killing today.

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