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What has led to the famine in East Africa?

What has led to the famine in East Africa?

With the pace of the famine in East Africa showing no signs of slowing down, Human Appeal are increasing their efforts to save the 16 million lives at risk in the worst-hit famine areas in Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The scale of the current crisis in East Africa

Severe drought, conflict and economic conditions have been the main contributory factors in what has led to the famine in East Africa affecting millions of people. The violence in many of these countries is cutting off vital supply routes, causing food prices to rocket and prevents access for aid agencies.

800,000 children under five are acutely malnourished, and more than 1.4 million children face starvation. 5.5 million children in total are now in danger.

With the disaster escalating by the day, millions may die of hunger if urgent action isn’t taken. Currently, 16 million are on the brink of death. 19.5 million across East Africa don’t have regular or safe drinking water.

Why Somalia needs our help

In Somalia, the situation is particularly horrific. 6.2 million Somalis, more than half the population, urgently need humanitarian assistance. 2.9 million are at risk of famine in East Africa and there are 140,000 starving children who are acutely malnourished. After three consecutive years, livestock lay waste across Somalia.

While poverty in East Africa has been a persistent issue for many parts of East Africa for decades, the recent spate of drought has created a famine the UN claim is unprecedented in modern history.

East Africa isn’t the only area suffering from chronic food insecurity. In Yemen, a country now at breaking point, 14.1 million people go hungry everyday and 3.3 million children and pregnant women are severely malnourished.

Human Appeal has been working in East Africa since its inception 26 years ago. The charity is currently providing emergency aid to the people of Somalia.

How can you donate to the East Africa Crisis?

You can donate to those affected by the famine and drought in East Africa and help the starving men, women and children for just £100. You can provide emergency aid including essentials such as medical care, food and water today.

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