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Human Appeal Yemen provides critical food aid to over 460 needy families in Sana'a

Human Appeal, an International Humanitarian Aid Organization, started last Thursday distributing food parcels to 468 needy families in Al-Sunanaiah neighborhood in Sana'a capital city. This humanitarian aid is part of the Yemen emergency aid programme aiming to ease the suffering of the most vulnerable population affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen since March 2015.

“An increasing number of Yemeni families are struggling to access basic food items. Many have lost their sources of income since the beginning of war; others struggle with lack of salaries for five consequent months," Yassir Khairi, Head of Mission of Human Appeal Yemen, said on this occasion. "We are planning to continue our emergency aid with a focus on food, health and WASH sectors," added Mr. Khairi.

Each food parcel is expected to meet the basic needs of a family of seven members for about one month. The parcels consist of wheat flour, canned beans, sugar, vegetable oil and dates; targeting mainly female-headed households, destitute and marginalized groups. This food assistance is funded by Al-Imdaad Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian aid relief organization (NGO) based in South Africa.

"I am a widow with five kids. My struggle to support my family mounted during this crisis. I have not received any assistance for years. This assistance will help me and my kids to survive for another month," said Umm Mohammed. "I hope the organization will continue to support us during this difficult time, she added.

The intensification of conflict in March 2015 has impacted heavily on the Yemeni population, which was already highly reliant on humanitarian aid. The conflict has left an estimated 18.8 million people in need of some kind of assistance or protection in order to meet their basic needs, including more than 14 million without a regular source of food. High food prices have also weakened household purchasing power and limited food access for poor households.

Human Appeal is a non-profit organisation working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s struggle against poverty, social injustice and natural disaster. Through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of sustainable development programmes, we invest in real effective solutions. Now over 25 years old, Human Appeal has a presence in 25 countries spanning across 3 continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. 2017 is an exciting time as we continue to build on our achievements to transform the lives of millions of people across the world.

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