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Human Appeal Celebrates Record Breaking Ramadan Donations


Human Appeal Celebrates Record Breaking Ramadan Donations

Human Appeal, the humanitarian aid charity based in Manchester, are celebrating their highest ever donations during the Islamic month of Ramadan. The Muslim-faith based charity declared receiving over £8million in donations and counting during the period between June 6 and July 5.

Human Appeal’s theme for their 2016 Ramadan campaign was based on the theme “That’s What Make Us Human” asking donors what humanity means to them. The campaign was launched on May 25 in London with cross-party political support from the likes of Conservative’s Sir Alan Duncan MP, Labour’s Diane Abbot MP, SNP’s Angus Robertson MP and Liberal Democrat’s The Lord Purvis of Tweed. Channel 4’s Jon Snow and BBC’s Remona Aly also spoke at the event.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Human Appeal worked on projects both at home and abroad. In the UK; Human Appeal helped renovate damaged homes of victims of last year’s floods in Carlisle, worked with Christian-faith based charity Barnabus to feed and provide clothes for homeless people in Manchester and distributing gifts to children in hospital seeking treatment for mental health. Outside of the UK; they worked on projects such as helping people displaced by conflict in Syria by training them in small scale farming, to improve their standard of food security, providing training to help combat child malnutrition in Niger and improving access to clean water for a disaster-prone area of Bangladesh.

The total amount is still being counted as pledges and fundraising activities from third parties still roll in, but Human Appeal is celebrating hitting the £8million mark. This is part of the £100m raised by British Muslims for good causes, as announced by the Muslim Charities Forum last week.

Othman Moqbel, CEO of Human Appeal, commented “We are so grateful and thankful for the overwhelming support from our donors. The public really engaged with our Ramadan campaign, where we posted the question ‘what makes you human?’ and ‘what does humanity mean to you?’ And they responded loud and clear by helping those who need help most.”

Mr. Moqbel continued “The generosity has been overwhelming and we are so delighted to have our best Ramadan ever. To every person who donated even a single penny we say - thank you, it will be spent helping those in need. And to every person in need, we say– don’t lose hope, Human Appeal, and our supporters are working and fighting for your future.”

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