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Human Appeal is responding to the desperate situation in Madaya, Syria.

Human Appeal is responding to the desperate situation in Madaya, Syria.

There are over 42,000 Syrians on the brink of starvation in the besieged town of Madaya with estimates of a further 400,000 people in similar dire circumstances across Syria.

Reports from the UN have emphasised how desperate the situation is with people dying through starvation and unable to leave the area. At least 23 people have already lost their lives because of this, with the rest of the populous on the verge of suffering the same fate. The decision by the Syrian Government to allow some aid into the region is welcomed. Although this is a start, the need for a humanitarian corridor is vital. Aid needs to be much more accessible to those in need, especially in these difficult times.

Human Appeal’s Chief Executive, Othman Moqbel has stressed the importance of responding in times like this:

“This is a window to help deliver life-saving aid to people in absolute desperate need. Our history of delivering food and medical aid, as well as building hospitals, schools and shelters in Syria over the past 5 years gives us strength in all our responses. Furthermore, our mission offices and established network of local partners makes us one of the few NGOs inside Syria that are well-placed to deliver aid which will save lives”.

The harsh winter has also compounded the fragile situation, with many people now suffering from severe malnutrition and pneumonia. Every second is vital, which is why Human Appeal have committed a large amount of urgent humanitarian aid to this cause. We are also calling on our donors and supporters to help us save the lives of those facing starvation and the bitter cold in Syria.

For more information on the situation, or if you would like to help in any way please visit humanappeal.org.uk or call 0161 225 0225. Donate at

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