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Best 10 Days Tour

The Best 10 Days Tour

Coming to a mosque near you this Dhul Hijjah

From 30th June – 8th July 2022

Free mosque tour*

This Dhul Hijjah, in the best 10 days of the year, we are excited to bring you an evening of inspiration and spiritual upliftment with beautiful Qur’an recitation, remembrance and wholesome reminders. Our 10 day city tour will be coming to a mosque near you, with esteemed speakers including, Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri, Ustadh Yahya Raaby and Qari Mohammed Youssaf.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us that there are no days more beloved to Allah than the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. Allah (swt) swears by these days. They offer countless opportunities for ample reward, mercy and blessings.

During the best 10 days of the year, renowned speakers will be gathering to provide you with an uplifting evening for all the family, of motivational reminders and beautiful, imaan-boosting recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Make the most of these sacred days.

*Day of Arafah - tickets are £10 and include iftar,

Our guests

  • Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri
    Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri

    Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri

    Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri is a world-renowned reciter of Qur’an and imam from Saudi Arabia. He has a unique voice that is recognisable worldwide. Abu Bakr Al Shatri was born in 1970 in the holy city, Jedda, in Saudi Arabia, where he grew up.

    He obtained his Bachelor's degree of the studies of Quran, with perseverance, under the supervision of the great Shaykh Aymane Rochdi Suwaid in Al Hegira.

    After he finished his higher education of accounting, Abu Bakr Al Shatri realised his dream to become an imam and he served as an imam in Said Ibn Jubair mosque in the city of Jeddah for over a decade.

    Nowadays, Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri is the founder of Shatri Schools in London where he teaches Quranic studies along with being a keynote guest at many events and conferences across the globe.

  • Ustadh Yahya Raaby
    Ustadh Yahya Raaby

    Ustadh Yahya Raaby

    Department Manager and Supervisor of Student Affairs. He completed Hifz of the Quran as a teenager, whilst studying at Badr Academy in the UK, under qualified teachers from The Islamic University of Madina Al-Munawarra (KSA) & Islamic University of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saudi in Riyadh (KSA). He also studied a range of Islamic sciences including Tafseer, Hadith, Usool-Fiqh, Fiqh, Grammar, Seerah and History.

    Today, Ustadh Yahya spends his days serving the community through teaching, lecturing, delivering Jummah sermons, and counselling. He plays an active role in the development of Badr Academy.

  • Qari Mohammed Awadulla Yousef
    Qari Mohammed Awadulla Yousef

    Qari Mohammed Awadulla Yousef

    Having been significantly influenced by his father, Shaikh Awadulla, Qari Mohammed Youssef completed Hifz of the Qur’an when he was just 14 years old at Darul Uloom in Dewsbury.

    He was particularly interested in the science of Qiraa't and left the UK to learn Qiraat at the prestigious Al Azhar University in Cairo, for four years.

    Qari Mohammed Yousef has travelled to lead Taraweeh and recite Qur’an in many countries, including the USA, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, and Bosnia.

    After his studies in Egypt, he returned to the UK to complete a BSc in pharmaceutical science and is currently a Science teacher residing in Abu Dhabi. Qari Mohammed is also a Qur’an teacher in his free time, helping adults and children with the recitation of the Qur’an.


Werneth Suite Banqueting

08 Jul

79 Manchester Rd, Oldham OL8 4LN, UK


1 City Road, Bradford BD8 8ER, UK

07 Jul

1 City Rd, Bradford BD8 8ER, UK



06 Jul

183 Green St, London E7 8LL, UK

Al Huda Welfare Foundation

05 Jul

14 Wangey Rd, Romford RM6 4AJ, UK

SLMCC Harrow

04 Jul

2 Whitefriars Ave, Harrow HA3 5RN, UK

Essex Islamic Academy

03 Jul

343 Ripple Rd, Barking IG11 7RR, UK

Hayes Muslim Centre

03 Jul

3 Pump Ln, Hayes Town, Hayes UB3 3NB, UK

Masjid Al Noor

02 Jul

99 Camden Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells TN1 2QR, UK

Greenwich Islamic Centre

02 Jul

131 Plumstead Rd, London SE18 7DW, UK


01 Jul

80 Ruskin Rd, Carshalton SM5 3DH, UK

Gatton Al Muzzamil

30 Jun

8 Gatton Rd, London SW17 0EZ, UK

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Reap the rewards of this blessed month

Attend an event at a mosque near you and reap the bountiful rewards of the best ten days of the year.