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Water cooler for schools

Water cooler for schools


Water Cooler For Schools

School water coolers

‘’The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)

£350 – Provide a school with a water cooler that filters, cleans, and cools water.

Be a mercy to schoolchildren in Pakistan. Provide a water cooler in a school in Pakistan, and help to increase school attendance, while providing clean water for months to come.

55% of Pakistan’s public schools have fallen into disrepair and are considered unsatisfactory or unsafe, and 32% don’t have drinking water.

How your donation can improve school attendance

A lack of clean water deters parents from sending their children to school. By installing watercoolers in schools we’re helping to meet clean water needs, while boosting school attendance.

With your help, we want to help 150 school children, and 20 teachers to have easy, reliable access to safe clean water in Rahim Yar, Faisalabad, Mansehra, Tharparkar, Thatta, Rawalpindi, or Kashmir.

This project will support public schools which lack basic drinking facilities in order to have a transformative effect on the maximum number of students and staff.

Be a mercy to children struggling to get an education. Give to this project and you’ll support some of the most vulnerable children to have access to education and clean water.

Give mercy now.