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Pakistan Water Fund

Pakistan Water Fund

Pakistan Emergency Wash

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink.”(Source - Ahmad)

Flood-affected regions across 7 provinces in Pakistan have suffered monumental losses: more than one million homes, hundreds of thousands of livestock, thousands of kilometres of roadway, and hundreds of bridges. Worst affected has been Sindh, followed by Balochistan. Tens of millions of vulnerable people are surviving the devastation and loss in their communities while facing injury, disease, hunger, homelessness, and psychological distress.

We are standing side-by-side with Pakistan in its complex transition from flood response to recovery. Donate today and together we can end the suffering caused by a lack of clean water.

£50 – Supplies water filters for 5 people with clean water for up to 50 days.

£100 – Supplies water filters for 10 people with clean water for up to 50 days.

£300 – Provides 15 families with a water filter system for 17.5L of clean water per day per family.

£900 – Support a half-share in a community water filtration system that provides clean water to 1,000 people.

£1,800 – Support a community water filtration system that provides clean water to 2,000 people.

As an official response and recovery partner in Pakistan, we have been among the first on the ground and we remain at the forefront in the country's recovery. We proudly stand behind our relief efforts that no other charity is providing, like our emergency mobile health clinic---the only charity offering health services in remote areas where malaria, dengue fever, and water-borne diseases are a top health concern.

Generous donors have already helped us reach 70,000 flood-affected survivors in the hardest hit areas in Pakistan. You can be a part of our efforts as we expand vital assistance to reach even more families with even more support.

• Food Aid – 40,000 families

• Hot Meals –17,309 individuals

• Healthcare assistance – 6,750 Individuals

• Dignity and hygiene kits – 6,046 families

• Cash assistance - 15,000 families

Why give with Human Appeal

We’ve been changing lives in Pakistan for 16 years. We will never abandon people in need in times of crisis and in times of recovery. As Pakistan’s official response and recovery partner, you can be sure you’re helping communities achieve long-term success and resiliency through new skills, livelihoods, and vital infrastructure.

Please support the people of Pakistan.

Donate now.