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Iraq Water Fund

Iraq Water Fund

Safe Water (Basra, Iraq)

Solar-powered water in Basra

“The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)

£60 - provide a vulnerable person with clean drinking water every day.

People in Basra have survived years of horrifying conflict, only to find themselves struggling to access clean water today. With your help, we’ll install three water wells, each with a solar-powered water filtration unit (known as reverse-osmosis) which will provide 3,700 people in Al Zubair, Basra, with clean, safe water and electricity every day.

40% of sewage goes into Basra’s main water source

This project will help to combat the high level of water toxicity, and the infections and diseases it causes.

It will also help people struggling to access clean water to be able to keep themselves, their families and their homes clean of the COVID-19 virus.

A severe drop in the quality of water in Iraq has affected 25 per cent of the population. 40 per cent of Basra’s sewage is dumped directly into its main water source, the Shatt al-Arab river. In 2018, 118,000 people were hospitalised with stomach pains, rashes and other illnesses as a result of drinking water contaminated by sewage, parasites, viruses, metals, salt and industrial waste.

Give the best of charities

With your help, we’ll build solar-powered water purification units in three vulnerable villages in Basra, each producing 30,000 litres of fresh water as well as electricity to power lighting.

Each unit will provide 900 people with clean water, but the community of 3,700 people will have access to the three water sources, which, in ten hours, produce 90,000 litres of water that is safe to drink.

The solar panels on the units are also able to store energy and provide lighting for the villages at night, helping to improve the health, safety, energy consumption and economy of the whole community.

Our work in Iraq

Human Appeal has been working in Iraq since 2016. We supported over 118,000 people in 2018, providing protection, improving education facilities, and delivering food to vulnerable children.

Our recent work includes rehabilitating 26 schools, providing school meals to 85,000 children, providing legal, and GBV protection at our Sakina Centre, providing 690 families to rehabilitate their shelter, and helping 1,000 people through a resilience and agricultural revitalisation project.

Help us to transform lives by providing the best of charities in Iraq, revitalising livelihoods, recovering health and helping thousands of families to fight the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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