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Bangladesh Water Filtration Plants

Bangladesh Water Filtration Plants

Bangladesh Water Filtration Plant Fund

Bangladesh is drinking itself to death

100% Zakat applicable

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “The best charity is to give water.” (Ahmad)

Every year, a staggering 43,000 Bangladeshis die from drinking water contaminated with arsenic. 36 million people in Bangladesh don’t have access to clean water in their homes, and 2 in 5 people – that’s 73 million – still rely on water that is dirty and contaminated.

In this merciful month of Ramadan, help us to install 14 community water filtration units, helping to provide clean water to 3,300 people in Benapole, Bangladesh, where families are struggling to live healthy lives without safe water.

£6,000 – provide families with access to a water filtration unit

£3,000 (1 share) - provide families with access to a water filtration unit

Removing harmful toxins, providing clean water for years to come

In Benapole, only 14% of people have access to clean water. In the blessed month of Ramadan, help us to install a water filtration plant for around 660 families. We’ll install 14 community-based arsenic and iron removal plants, which will purify water and clean it of dangerous toxins, including arsenic and other harmful chemicals. The filtration plant will also provide clean water to local schools.

Support this project this Ramadan, and help to promote good health, and dignity for hundreds of families.

In each locality within Benapole, we’ll be training people in the local community to oversee the water filtration plant and empowering them with the skills to support its maintenance. We’ll also carry out an array of hygiene promotion sessions, raising awareness of best practice with regards to hygiene and sanitation.

A beautiful reward, year after year

Providing sustainable water is a beautiful Sadaqah Jariyah – bringing you reward upon reward for years to come, for as long as people benefit from your charity, even long after you are gone.

“When a person dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him.” (Sahih Muslim)

You can even donate to this project in the name of a loved one, providing them with blessings upon blessings.

When you donate to this project, we’ll include a plaque with your name on the filtration plant, and you’ll receive a personalised report on completion, letting you know exactly how your donation impacted the community of Benapole.

Our work in Bangladesh

Human Appeal has been working in Bangladesh since 2015. Last year, we helped 30,981 people, including over 22,000 people who we provided with clean water sources and improved hygiene resources.

In the month of mercy, be a mercy to a community that is slowly being poisoned by contaminated water. Give the best of charities, and reap the blessings for years to come.

Please note, if sufficient funds are not raised for a particular project, your donation may be reallocated to where the need is greatest.