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Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine


Sewing Machine - Pakistan

Sewing machine

Provide a vulnerable Pakistani woman with a sewing machine, and the vital skills to start her own tailoring business.

£125 - Transform a life. When you donate, you’ll provide one woman the tools and training to start a sewing business.

When a family loses their breadwinner, the effect is devastating. Children become orphans overnight and are forced to drop out of school to work, and their mothers, who have missed out on an education and a way to earn a living, are forced to find a way to feed her children. When a family loses the father, they’re at the mercy of the community around them, and vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

But when you donate to support that mother, she’ll receive a sewing machine, and six months of vocational training at a government institute, or at one of Human Appeals two development centres. Our instructors will teach them sewing, business skills, design, embroidery, tailoring, jute and paper bag making, screen printing and basket weaving.

When they leave, they’ll be equipped with the skills to earn a living, allowing them to support their children, and helping to keep those children out of work, and in school where they belong.

Through this project, we’ve established two skills development centres in Pakistan, where we’ve trained over 200 women since the start of the project.

Our livelihood projects are transformative, empowering the most marginalised people with the tools and skills to lift themselves out of poverty, for good.

Help us to empower mothers, give them the chance to transform their lives, and change their children’s futures.

Give mercy now.