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Morocco medical containers

Morocco medical containers

Morocco Medical Containers

Your gift matched x9 in Morocco

With every £10 you contribute, we'll transform it into £90-worth of vital medical supplies, providing urgently needed medical supplies to survivors of the earthquake in Morocco.

Some 5,600 people were injured in the powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco in September. More than one month on, injured survivors and the hospitals that continue to treat them are still struggling to access the medical supplies needed to recover.

We’re delivering containers of medical aid to Morocco – for every £10 you donate, we’ll transform it into £90-worth of vital medical equipment, such as surgical tools, anaesthesia items, and monitoring and recovery tools.

9x your donation

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Charity given during the day of Jumu’ah is greater (in reward) than any other day.” (Hadith Abd al-Razzaq)

£10 can become £90-worth of medical aid, blessing 40 lives with essential care.

£30 can multiply into £270 - worth of supplies, impacting 120 individuals in need.

£100 can transform into £900-worth of blessings, supporting 400 people with life-saving assistance.

In collaboration with our partner, Globus Relief, we're making your donation go further by ensuring these life-saving medicines reach Morocco's patients. Your £1 donation transports £9-worth of medicine to those in need for a limited time only.

Help us to support survivors of the earthquake.

Give mercy today.