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Haitham's Medical Fund

Haitham's Medical Fund

Haitham's Medical Fund

Your mercy can heal a child’s cancer

At just two months old, Haitham was diagnosed with cancer. Yet, for years, he has not received the healthcare he needs. He lives in Yemen where his father struggles to make ends meet.

Sadly, Haitham is taking sedatives to remove his pain, which drains his young body and causes him to break out in skin sores. The sores are so bad that Haitham needs skin grafts. The family tried chemotherapy, but this tragically resulted in Haitham losing his vision, so sedatives are the only option open to them.

Your mercy can provide Haitham with the lifesaving healthcare he needs, transforming his life and health, and giving him back the gift of childhood. Too much of Haitham’s childhood has been spent in pain – you can change this today.

Please give mercy now.