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Syria Back to School Kit

Syria Back to School Kit


Syria Back to School Kit

Empower a child for education in Syria with Back to School Kits

Provide the resources needed for a child to learn in Syria today.

For just £34, you can send a crisis-affected child in Syria back to school with the essential tools they need.

In Syria, nearly half of all school-aged children, totalling 2.4 million aged five to 17 years old, are out of school due to over a decade of conflict. These children have known nothing but war, losing ten years of education and facing the risk of child labour, early forced marriage, and recruitment into fighting groups.

Even those still attending school encounter trauma, overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of teaching staff and resources. Many schools have been damaged, destroyed, or repurposed to shelter displaced families or serve military purposes. It is crucial to support and encourage Syrian children to continue their education.

This summer, please join us in equipping the most vulnerable Syrian school children with rucksacks, notebooks, drawing books, pens, pencils, geometry sets, and other essentials to support their studies and work towards a brighter future.

The impact of a Back to School Kit

By providing just one Back to School Kit, you can relieve a tremendous burden from parents and caregivers in Syria who struggle to afford uniforms, school bags, and other important supplies that help children stay in school and thrive.

In Islam, education is not only a right but also a duty expected of every Muslim. As this beautiful hadith states: "The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing." Al-Tirmidhi

Please help empower a child for education in Syria today, so they can build a better future.