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Back To School Kit

Back To School Kit

Back to School Kit

Empower a crisis-affected child today for a brighter tomorrow by contributing a Back to School Kit.

244 million children are deprived of education worldwide. Education unlocks potential, but crisis zones force children out of schools, hindering their growth.

In conflict areas, 25 million kids lack education. You can send a vulnerable child back to school, providing essentials to learn, thrive, and break crisis cycles.

£63 Back to School Kit Gaza: Empower a child in Gaza with a school bag, uniform, notebooks for both Arabic and English, sharpeners, geometry tools, ruler, erasers, drawing book, pens, pencils, and colorful markers.

£58 Back to School Kit Yemen: Equip a Yemeni child with a bag, uniform, pencils, notebooks, water bottle, and more.

£34 Back to School Kit Syria: Provide a Syrian child with a backpack, art supplies, geometry set, and more.

£39 Back to School Kit Pakistan: Support a Pakistani child with essentials, lunchbox, transport, and more.

£23 Back to School Kit Somalia: Send a crisis-affected child in Somalia back to school with the essentials they need for just £23.

Children in crises face bleak futures without skills. Out of school, they're vulnerable. In school, they're safe, overcoming adversity.

Empower with a school kit: ease caregivers' burden, equip kids for learning.

Help 5,000 children in five countries this September.

Empower a child's future now. Give a Back to School Kit.

Donate today for lasting impact.