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Winter Emergency Appeal

Young Syrian child in the cold

Energy and food prices are skyrocketing. More people are being pushed into poverty. This is the coldest, hardest most brutal winter yet for the world’s most vulnerable, but your donations can help. Winter kills. Leave no one behind.

Winter kills

“Whoever saves a life it is as if he saved the whole of mankind.” (Source - Quran 5:32)

£45 Syria Winter Earthquake Emergency Kit - Protect a Syrian family from the hardest winter with warm blankets, mattresses, and waterproof sheets to last throughout winter or 150kg of fuel to keep a family warm through winter.

£55 Winter Emergency Kit - Protect a vulnerable family from brutal conditions in Lebanon with warm blankets and 20 litres of heating oil to help keep them warm all winter.

£70 Winter Family Emergency Kit - Provide a family in Pakistan with warm clothing to protect them against the harshest winter.

£105 Winter Family Emergency Kit - Help a Palestinian family to survive with warm clothing or two warm blankets and a 5kg cylinder that can provide warmth throughout the coldest winter.

Help 250,000 families survive

The UN estimates that 75 million people may have been pushed into extreme poverty since the pandemic. Families are facing a catastrophic winter with plummeting temperatures, harsh weather, and sky rocketing prices creating a perfect storm. They are struggling to feed themselves, struggling to keep warm, struggling to protect their loved ones, and struggling to live.

The most vulnerable are acutely susceptible to serious illness. Children and the elderly are especially in danger, with many unable to access healthcare. Children are missing out on an education, while working-age adults are struggling to work, pushing families further into poverty.

Last winter, your generous donations supported 234,420 people across 11 countries.

This winter, more people than ever before are in urgent need like never before – so Human Appeal is determined to reach even more individuals. This year we aim to provide winter kits to 250,000 people in 11 countries.

This includes families in war-torn countries such as Gaza, Syria as well as Afghanistan where most families do not know where their next meal is coming from. We will also be supporting families here in the UK.

Our winter emergency appeal is literally a lifeline for these families.

Please don't leave anyone behind this winter.

Winter kills

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Winter Impact Report 2021/22

Last winter, your generous donations supported 234,420 people across 11 countries. You gave 510 street children in Bangladesh warm winter clothes, while 870 families received winter kits.

In Lebanon, you helped 166,782 Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese people stay warm, fed, and protected. In Pakistan, you ensured 1,315 people were provided with warm quilts and nutritious food. You also helped to protect 4,774 people in Yemen, 4,480 people in Afghanistan, 343 people in Somalia, and 150 people in Sudan. Here in the UK, you helped protect thousands of people, including donating 22,917 coats to our Wrap Up campaign.

This winter, we will be aiming to help 250,000 people across 11 countries to stay warm, nourished and protected with food packs, shelter, fuel, and heating, as well as warm winter clothing and blankets, but we can do nothing without your support. Thank you for helping us leave no one behind.

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Help leave no one behind this winter

Don't leave Nadia behind this winter

“No Muslim clothes a Muslim with a garment, except that he is under the protection of Allah as long as a shred from it remains upon him.”

Source - Tirmidhi

Thank you for giving your warmth last winter

Last winter, you supported 234,420 people across 11 countries

In the UK, you helped protect thousands of people, by donating 22,917 coats to our Wrap Up campaign.

You kept 10,220 people out of the cold in Gaza.

Millions of lives are on the line right now, so please don’t turn away. Give your warmth. If everyone were to help someone this winter, no one would get left behind. Winter kills.