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Syria Emergency Appeal

Syrian child looking outside of a tent

The cost of basic foods in Syria has soared by 52% since the war in Ukraine, plunging families into hunger and unable to afford healthcare or shelter. Donate and be a mercy to a Syrian family.

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Shattered by conflict

“Verily, whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy.” (Source - At-Tirmidhi)

Families in Syria have endured twelve years of a long and brutal conflict, trying to survive amid ongoing bombings, hunger, disease and displacement.

Food insecurity continues to spread in Syria - since last year, 4.5 million more Syrians are going hungry. Be a mercy by helping us to fight hunger and its causes.

£10 – Provide a vulnerable Syrian with medical care at one of our two primary healthcare centres.

£25 – Provide a Syrian with kidney failure with one dialysis session.

£50 – Provide a vulnerable Syrian family with two kilograms of fresh bread every day for five months.

£150 - Al Imaan Hospital - help 6 mothers and babies with lifesaving healthcare.

Syrians are being forgotten, despite the situation turning more extreme – 6.8 million people are displaced and 12.1 million people don’t have a reliable way to feed themselves – that’s more than half of the entire population.

Soaring food prices has made life unbearable for families that have already survived conflict, fled their homes, and are living in tented camps. Now they face skyrocketing prices that makes life even harder, medicine less affordable, and the hope of lifting themselves out of hardship almost impossible.

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Treating the causes of hunger

Hospitals continue to struggle across Syria, with only half of all health facilities fully functioning, but often unaffordable as Syrians are forced to spend simply to feed their families.

We’re also working to empower Syrians against the causes of hunger by providing:

• healthcare through Al Imaan Hospital and two primary healthcare centres,

• dialysis sessions to people with kidney failure,

• safe, long-term homes to displaced families,

• Olive trees for families to farm for profit.

All of our Syria projects are Zakat-applicable, and you can calculate what you owe with our easy-to-use Zakat calculator.

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Why give to Human Appeal?

Human Appeal has been changing lives through our projects in Syria since 2013. When the earthquake hit, our staff was already present, immediately responding to the most urgent needs.

Last year, we helped 3,843,270 people across 20 countries, including 1,214,180 people in Syria. In 2021, we supported 349,896 people through healthcare, nutrition, winter support, vaccinations, and projects fighting COVID-19.

Our projects are run by local staff, our hospital is manned by local doctors and nurses, all working together to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, and the future of their country. When you entrust your charity to us, it’s supported by over 30 years’ experience, and specialists in protection, child safety, and emergency response.

If you want to change lives in Syria, with meaningful, impactful projects run by capable, caring hands, give your charity through Human Appeal.

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My children eat apple peelings from the ground

“Verily, whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy.”

Source - At-Tirmidhi

The blessings of charity

Charity brings mercy upon those who receive as well as those who give. Be a mercy to a Syrian family struggling to afford food, and reap the blessings of Ramadan.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Source - Al-Tirmidhi)

Give, and spread mercy to a Syrian family, and reap the unique blessings, and protection, of charity.

Multiply your mercy in Syria.

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