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Orphan Sponsorship

Be there for a Palestinian orphan as they live unimaginable hardship without their parents. For £35 per month, or £420 per year you can spread hope to a child in Palestine. Honour the Prophet’s (PBUH) legacy of mercy to children in one of the most beautiful acts of charity.

Sponsor a child

Support Palestinian orphans for a better tomorrow

“I and the one who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like these two” – and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them close together.’’ (Bukhari)

In the midst of unimaginable violence in Gaza and the West Bank, it's the most vulnerable who bear the brunt. Children surviving the war face lasting trauma, while many will never see their parents again.

The ongoing bombardment, the deadliest Gaza has ever witnessed, has left thousands of orphans. Currently, 6,432 orphans are registered with Human Appeal, including over 1,500 in Palestine. Unfortunately, this number is expected to surge once the bombing ceases.

Every orphaned child deserves a caring sponsor to ensure their education, safe housing, and access to essentials like food and healthcare. Become a sponsor for a child in Palestine today. Your support will provide them with security and the chance for a better future.

Globally, an estimated 143 to 210 million children are orphaned, each bearing the traumatic loss of one or both parents, often in the harshest circumstances. Support these children and be a source of mercy in their lives.

Restoring hope: Sponsor a child today

Imagine a child, once surrounded by loving parents, providing them with food, shelter, clothes, and toys. Now, they stand alone, often forced to leave school to support themselves, facing the harsh realities of sickness, malnutrition, exploitation, and abuse.

This is why we urgently seek sponsors for the countless children in our care, to restore their sense of safety and routine, and to reintroduce them to school promptly.

You have the power to break the cycle before it's too late, offering them a chance at health, protection, and education. Importantly, sponsorship ensures they can continue their education, sparing them from the burden of work to support themselves and their families.

Honouring a Prophetic tradition

In his lifetime, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) - himself an orphan - emphasized caring for orphans and promised those who did so a special place in Jannah. It's a testament to the beauty of supporting the most vulnerable within our ummah - the children who have lost their caregivers.

Sponsoring an orphan isn't just following the legacy of the Messenger (PBUH); it also assists the child's mother or caregiver with the expenses for:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Healthcare

  • Housing

  • School supplies

Become a sponsor and help reintegrate a child into school, providing them with a safer today and a brighter tomorrow.

Why sponsor through Human Appeal?

Rely on our 30 years of expertise in nurturing orphaned children. Across every country where we sponsor orphans, a dedicated child safeguarding officer is in place. Our entire staff working with children receives comprehensive training in child protection. We extend our commitment by educating mothers and caregivers on child protection, equipping them to shield the young ones from common risks.

Prefer a one-time annual contribution of just £420? That's merely £1.15 per day or £8.75 per week – a Zakat-applicable choice!

We express our profound gratitude to all those already contributing to shaping a brighter future, one child at a time. Your legacy of giving brings blessings month after month.

Currently, our sponsors are transforming the lives of over 20,000 orphans in 12 countries. Thousands more are registered and urgently awaiting a sponsor, yearning for essentials like food, clothing, and assistance with medical expenses.

Transparency and Accountability

As a sponsor, you'll receive bi-annual updates on the progress of the child you support, alongside an annual report. Witness firsthand the impact of your sponsorship – from their school achievements to their dreams for the future, even a drawing from the child.

Our commitment is to transparently demonstrate the life-changing influence of your generosity on a child who has faced unimaginable hardship.

Protecting the Ummah's Children

By sponsoring an orphan, you provide them with the opportunities that every child deserves – health, protection, and education. We extend our protective arm to the mothers and caregivers, guiding them to safeguard the children from common risks and hazards.

Orphan sponsorship is tailored to your preferences. Choose a specific child, age, or location to sponsor, or trust our Orphan and Child Welfare team to identify the child most in need of support. Registration is quick and easy, making it effortless to transform a child's life.

Extend mercy today.

What happens when I sponsor a child?

Give a child a chance of a brighter future