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TV Live Appeal: Be a child's mercy

Pakistani orphan

Tune into ARY New Vision TV (Sky 736 or Virgin 819) now for our Be a mercy for orphans and widow's TV Live Appeal and reap the multiplied blessings of caring for the children of the ummah on this blessed 25th night of Ramadan.

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Be a mercy to the children of the Ummah this Ramadan

On this blessed 25th night of Ramadan, join us for our Be a mercy for orphans and widows live appeal, supporting orphaned children and their mothers in Pakistan.

£125 Sewing machine with name plaque

£420 - Sponsor an orphan - provide an orphaned child with shelter, food, healthcare, and school supplies for one year.

£200 - 100% Zakat – donate to our Zakat Fund to help our sustainable Zakat projects around the world. Check the Gift Aid Box and 100% of your donation goes to those we help.

£720 / £60 per month – sponsor a street child for one year, providing them with a safe space, healthcare, education and food.

£600/ £50 per month – Support a widow and her orphaned child for a year.

You can make all the difference to a change a vulnerable child’s life.

Join our presenter, Iqrar Ul Hassan, as he tells you all about the Be a mercy to orphans and widows campaign, and you’ll learn how you can help a widowed mother to support her children with a sewing machine and six months of vocational training, helping her to build a brighter future for her family.

You’ll also learn about our orphan support, and have the chance to sponsor orphaned children, and gift orphans Eid presents, and providing street children with education and support for a year.

All of our projects are completely Zakat eligible, and Ramadan is a beautiful time to fulfil this duty, when obligatory acts receive 70 times the reward.

Tune in now – we’re live all evening, telling you how your money can make a difference.

Why give through Human Appeal?

We’ve been changing lives in Pakistan for 17 years.

Last year, we helped a total of 3,843,279 people, including 1,656,490 people in Pakistan through our flood response, as well as projects that provided sustainable clean water, livelihood training, education, solar-powered electricity, and food security.

Be a mercy to orphans and widows this Ramadan.

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The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever does not show mercy to our young ones, or acknowledge the rights of our elders, is not one of us.”

Source - Ahmad

Your mercy can save a vulnerable child this Ramadan.

Sponsor a child