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Hawaii Wildfire Emergency Appeal

Hawaii wildfires

Maui in Hawaii is currently grappling with one of the deadliest wildfires in over a century. The situation demands our immediate action to extend crucial relief and aid to those impacted by this devastating disaster.

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The deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century

Destructive wildfires have swept through Hawaii, resulting in widespread destruction and massive evacuations.

The search area has only been covered by 3%.

More than 2,200 buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

Around 544 structures, primarily homes, have been affected.

Approximately 4,500 people are in need of shelter.

Hawaii is grappling with its deadliest natural disaster in decades.

The estimated damage amounts to nearly $6 billion.

£50 provides vital financial assistance to families.

£100 provides vital financial assistance to families.

£150 provides vital financial assistance to families.

£200 provides vital financial assistance to families.

The island of Maui, particularly the town of Lahaina, has borne the brunt of these fires. The combination of Hurricane Dora's strong winds has propelled the flames, posing immense challenges for firefighting and containment efforts.

These wildfires underscore the profound impact that natural disasters can have on communities.

According to The Washington Post, hundreds of acres have been engulfed, leading to extensive evacuations. One historic town on Maui has been consumed by the flames. The convergence of powerful winds and dry conditions has exacerbated the situation, making firefighting difficult.

Responding to the crisis

Human Appeal is actively collaborating with local organizations to provide crucial financial aid to those affected.

The wildfires have inflicted catastrophic harm on the natural environment and wildlife in the affected regions. Homes, buildings, and properties have been ravaged, resulting in numerous residents left without shelter.

Thousands of residents and tourists were forced to evacuate due to the wildfires. Many found themselves displaced, seeking refuge in temporary shelters. The fires also led to travel disruptions, with road closures and airport shutdowns due to the intensity of the blaze.

The evacuation and displacement of people from their homes and businesses have caused significant disruption and hardship.

Your support can make a tremendous difference in aiding those affected by these catastrophic wildfires. Join us in providing relief to the impacted communities in Maui today.

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Join us in making a difference for the Hawaii wildfire victims – your support can bring hope and relief to those in need.

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