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Take an in-depth look at the issues facing the world's most vulnerable communities with our latest research reports and publications.

Diversity in  UK Volunteering

Diversity in UK Volunteering

August 2023

Charity volunteers face many challenges, especially in the face of fast-paced, modern lives and in particular given the current increased economic factors which impact us all. Human Appeal commissioned this UK research to broaden our understanding of these ever-changing needs and the pressures they are under.

In our findings, it is remarkable to see the tremendous commitment and engagement of both BAME and all UK volunteers in supporting their local causes with passion and dedication. While it is disheartening to witness the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on these caring individuals, it presents an opportunity for greater levels of support from the wider charitable sector.

Faith and charity

Faith and charity

17th June 2022

The purpose of this unique white paper study is to provide an update on the relationship and interconnections between faith and charity within UK communities. The UK is broadly viewed as a highly secular society, with 53% of the British public describing themselves as having ‘no religion’ according to a survey by British Social Attitudes, 2018. For various cultural and historical reasons, Britain is nevertheless a highly diverse country encompassing many different ethnicities, nationalities and religions. In recent decades, the influx of religious diversity has reshaped the makeup of many communities, particularly in city regions, setting in motion wider societal trends that link faith, charity and community in the UK.

Attitudes towards charitable causes are strongly felt in Britain, especially given the sharpening of the cost-of-living crisis in the country - a major concern for many of our respondents who are exceptionally worried about the economic impact on their own finances, regardless of any professed faith. This research investigates the country’s modern perceptions of charity, as well as shedding an important light on the interplay between claimed religious belief and charitable donation, both now and in the future.

Our work in Syria impact report 2018 - 2021

Our work in Syria impact report 2018 - 2021

7th August 2021

In this report, we show the impact of our work in Syria over the past three years. We reflect on the complex challenges faced by the most vulnerable Syrian communities at pivotal moments of the ongoing conflict, and demonstrate how our humanitarian and sustainable development projects as well as local and global partnerships have helped to alleviate suffering in times of crisis.